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Today’s industrial challenges


The industry is evolving at an ever faster pace while Europe is covered with aging plants and increasing global competition. This evolution pushes industry leaders to optimise their production process and prepare for the future. But while doing so many questions arise; Why does my asset not perform as expected? How can I increase uptime? How can I extend the lifetime of my aging assets while ensuring safe and reliable operations? Where can I save energy? How can I compensate the loss of knowledge due to aging labour? 

Our Expertise

Using our unique hybrid models, we turn the data and specifications of your assets into actionable intelligence allowing you to optimise production, increase uptime and save energy.

How to avoid returning failures on a critical vinyl mixer causing long downtime and safety risks?
How to optimize steam extraction to minimise global energy spending (natural gas & electricity)?
How to increase availability of CNC machines and avoid unexpected failures?
How to guarantee efficient, safe and reliable operations of my aging assets?
How to diagnose steam turbine performance degradation correctly?
How to objectively quantify the level of clogging in filters used in a gas expansion station?