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The key challenges in the wind industry

Wind Turbines

Production optimisation the key factor to ensure a sustainable wind farm. The production is mainly influenced by the performance and availability of the wind turbines. To optimize the performance you have to control the yaw alignment and blade adjustment. And good preventive maintenance and early failure prediction are key to ensuring maximum availability. But how to organize all of that efficiently and effectively on complicated, low speed equipment with a large variation in load?  

Our Expertise

Using our unique hybrid models, we turn the process, CMS and weather data from your wind farm into actionable intelligence allowing you to optimise production and ensure availability easily and economically. 

Thanks to analysis of underperformance and unavailability
Are some of my wind turbines underperforming?
How to predict degradation of the low speed main bearing and thereby reduce production losses resulting from the long delivery time of the critical part?
How can I get a complete understanding of the performance of my wind farm?