Steam Turbine: Diagnosis of performance degradation

The Context

How to objectively assess the performance degradation on a steam turbine?

  • The client has a suspicion of performance degradation on the steam turbine on his cogeneration plant.

  • However, since “ready-made” solutions do not exist, he cannot assess this degradation correctly due to the variable and volatile operating conditions of his machine.

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P4A Solution

In order to identify the degradation, we firstly used our data analytics tools which enabled us to  reveal the data related  degradation pressure deviation at the extraction point. This degradation causes downtime and leads to efficiency loss up to 4%.


Through our historical data correlation analysis, we‘ve been able to diagnose a performance test as the origin of the degradation. Furthermore, we can also show through the analysis specific actions on the machine that progressively restore the performance.  


Thanks to our analytics tools, we could turn the data into actionable intelligence  and increase the insights on the steam turbine which the operating conditions are variable. The data analytics points out the corrective actions allowing the process to recover its optimal performance.

Data analysis reveals key variables

Identification of damaging and corrective operations

The Benefits

  • The data correlation analysis allowed us to quickly and economically identify the critical parameters and diagnose the degradation
  • The online monitoring of the steam turbine through the analytics tools allowed to avoid an unexpected maintenance
  • For the customer, this represents a significant economy (costly intervention & important loss of production). More globally, this means higher reliability, less downtime and an increased lifetime of his critical asset
  • This solution can easily be deployed on other steam turbines

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