€ 25k/ year revenue increase on wind turbines

The Context

How can I optimize the power production?

Wind Turbine Owner

The owner of a 10-year old, 2.3 MW wind turbine with an average yearly production ~5133 MW is looking to optimize power production.


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Our Solution

P4A continuously analyses measured data (SCADA and CMS) through advanced analytics and notifies end users about the turbine condition, presence of failures and performance drifts. Our goal is to continuously optimize power production:

  • Identification of loss of performance based on the combination of physical knowledge and data mining techniques
  • Early detection of performance degradation by continuously analysing new incoming data with dedicated algorithms

By comparing operational data with OEM standards we can detect and diagnose underperformance and unavailability.

  • Analyse underperformance: 17% of the turbines have a large yaw misalignment close to 10° and 27% of turbines are affected by blade misadjustment higher than 1°.
  • Analyse unavailability: FMEA and failure rate analysis

Thanks to P4A the wind farm owner can take action and plan the corrective actions with highest payback on the short term while continuing to monitor the condition and performance of all turbines.

The Benefits

If the historical SCADA data are available the P4A analysis solution can be implemented in a short time frame. For a minimal investment we turn your data into actionable intelligence such as performance optimization or predictive maintenance.

We analyse the underperformance and allow to better plan preventive maintenance, overhauls and replacements through early failure prediction resulting in lower downtime, safer operations and asset lifetime extension.

The P4A solution results in an average increase of revenues of almost € 25.000 distributed between Production Optimization (28%) and Predictive Maintenance (72%).

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