“PRIAM”: Project of Artificial Intelligence for Maintenance

AI technologies dedicated to predictive maintenance and performance optimization based on many data sources. Partners: Maintenance Partners WallonieI-care, Performance for Assets (P4A), I-PulsesPôle Mecatech

Based on a consortium of 4 companies with high level of complementary expertises in industrial sectors (assets repair and reliability), AI and analytics, a new project has been launched to show through a proof of concept that the technical access and economical profits are available to any company. Indeed, based on the results shown by this POC, all the industrial actors and more specifically SME will have access to these tools to offer more services and to add value to their actual portfolio which could be extremely important in the actual context.

Furthermore a more global solution could be offered to any other sector of activities which want to use these digital tools and to switch to a digital transition thanks to Artificial Intelligence and 4.0 Technologies.

This project is more than an idea today as a first prototype of this solution has already been tested on the field with many different sensors and data bases with extremely good results. But now, thanks to this POC, many additional sensors and data from different natures will be downloaded simultaneously to maximise the use of this tool for any application.

The goal is also to prove the efficiency of Data Analytics tools and the fact that any company could use this solution to start a digital switch or to add a new weapon to its AI and Digital tool.

Of course, many updates will follow with some practical examples to show more in details and on the filed what is possible to do.

More information

For any request, if you want to test this solution in your company or even to know more about this specific project, don’t hesitate to contact Pierre Colon via his mail address : pierre.colon@p4a.be