Internationally renowned Prof. Hiel shares his view on big data in industry



On April 19, our partner Maintenance Partners had the unique opportunity to invite NASA engineer and professor Clement Hiel for an exclusive presentation.

During the evening, two presentations were held:

  • Performance for Assets: Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence – Jean-Louis Counet
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: Past & Future – Prof. Dr. Eng. Clement Hiel


About Clement Hiel

Internationally renowned engineer Prof. Dr. Eng. Clement Hiel is known for:

Clement Hiel (Melsele, 1952) went to university after school and later became an industrial- and civil engineer.

The combination of a hands-on mentality with theoretic knowledge allowed him to join NASA in 1987 and to become a specialist in composite materials.

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Following his yearlong experience, Dr. Hiel is convinced that the combination of Big Data, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence will be the next big industrial revolution. The pace of innovations is ever faster and Industry 4.0, as it is already called by the early believers, is in fact a logical step in this exponential growth.

When a new technology presents itself the easiest way to deal with it is to just watch it from a distance and keep doing things the old way. Your current practices have good results and staying in the ‘Comfort Zone’, as Dr. Hiel calls it, is often easiest, cheapest and least risky.

But as innovations follow each other faster and faster also the general acceptance and adaption of new techniques is ever quicker. And remember what happened to the companies that stayed in their comfort zone for too long and missed the train of the previous industrial revolution, digitalisation?

It usually takes some time for new technologies to mature and become more efficient then traditional techniques, but once the time is there things have proven to move very rapidly. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence may still be in their adolescence Today, but the only way to benefit from these technologies once they come of age and retain your competitiveness is by starting to experiment now!


The presentations can be downloaded upon request via Maintenance Partners. To request the presentations, please visit this page.